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Professional Tree Arborists When You Need Them Most

Keeping Your Trees Healthy, Strong, & Growing

When trees grow old without pruning or maintenance, they can grow many interior branches. While these trees may provide incredible shade, too much shade can be a bad sign. Thankfully, New Look Tree Service knows the best way to handle the issue. The expertly trained arborists at each independently owned New Look Tree Locations and their teams of tree specialists use crown density reduction to help trees thrive safely.

New Look Tree Service’s arborists can assess and advise to decide if crown density reduction is necessary, how much reduction is needed, and the appropriate time to execute. Each location has decades of experience with all types and species of tree, giving it the ability to take care of your trees for the long haul. The benefit for trees is like a cross between getting a great haircut and finally dropping those 20 extra pounds—their limbs are less stressed, and can develop healthily.